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Hey guys!

Guess which powerset is available for testing on the City of Heroes Beta server! And guess which character concept I've dusted off for this!

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Day status: UGH

- Woke up slightly late. No milk for coffee. Dressed, went out for milk.
- No big bottles of milk in shop across the road. Got one-pint bottle.
- Realised on coming back home that 1) I had already brushed my teeth when dressing, 2) there was not enough time to make and drink coffee, 3) there had been a half-finished small carton of milk in fridge all along.
- Day slightly rainy. Decided to wear light shoes.
- Walked down road to doctor's to pick up perscription. Was told that by "Tuesday" they meant "Tuesday, after 4 PM".
- Walked back up the road, University and doctor's being in two opposite directions. Stopped by shop for tissues. Missed bus.
- Fancy bus display claims next two busses due in 21 and 28 minutes, respectively. Uni is 15 minutes walk away. Decide to walk despite flimsy shoes.
- Rain gets progressively denser until I run into puddles everywhere. Light shoes, socks and pant legs get drenched.
- Ten minutes after leaving bus stop, just slightly before where I would normally get off, passed by bus.
- Pick up lunch-type food at Tesco's.
- Arrive to Uni on time, but drenched and without having eaten anything. Get started on lunch food immediately.
- Feel faintly woozy all morning.
- Gather up packages from lunch, manage to spill everything spillable.
- Head to dentist's. Freak out at size of needle used for anaesthesia, after it has already been used. Panic, cry.
- Eventually calm down enough to get teeth scaled & polished (basically scraping the cruft off the top). Fairly unpleasant.
- Get tooth drilled, try not to fidget.
- First filling falls out. Another filling needed.
- Finally done with dentist. Get back to Uni, request rest of day off from project. Accepted.

- Come back home. Still faintly woozy, right side of face numb, jaw muscles sore, various delicate bits around the gums uncomfortable, pant legs still damp, nerves rattled, increasingly hungry again but can't eat. Need to go down to doctor's *again* soon.

+ On the upside: teeth have never looked better!
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Going to Poland

I meant to post this earlier but I forgot.

I'll be in Poland until May 6th. If you're in Poznan and want to talk to me, look me up. (Especially if you asked me to find you by your Steam ID and that "it should be obvious" - no, I couldn't find you on Steam, and the email I have doesn't work anymore.)
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Four Children's Cartoons You Need To Watch

Do you consider yourself an adult? Do you shun all childish things? Do you assume all children's entertainment is by definition shallow, sickeningly sweet, and agonizing to anyone over the age of 13?

If you answered a full "yes" to all three, then you, my friend, are missing out on some great things.

1. Heartcatch Precure

Pretty Cure or "Precure" for short is a franchise created by Bandai to sell colorful plastic toys to small girls. The interesting part is, each season they give the basic idea of "two girls turn into magical warriors and fight evil with the help of cute mascots" to a new director and creative team. Heartcatch seems to have hit the jackpot, with a vivid animation style, great character arcs throughout the season, mascots that aren't too annoying (or a love interest), and girls kicking ass with kung-fu and magic powers.

2. Hoodwinked!

An obscure little CGI movie made by a small independent team in 2005. I happened to run into it as an inflight movie on a cross-Atlantic flight I took one summer. It's a Fractured Fairytales style retelling of the Little Red Riding Hood story. It's well-written, it doesn't talk down to its audience, it's actually funny. Although the mystery may not be terribly hard to guess for older viewers, all ages can enjoy learning why the Wolf was *really* following Red, finding what is Granny's terrible secret, and watching a small girl kicking ass with kung-fu.

3. Avatar: the Last Airbender

Is there anyone on the Internet who hasn't seen ATLA yet? Mark hasn't. If you've never seen it, do yourself a favour and watch it together with Mark. If you've seen it, do yourself a favour and watch it *again* along with Mark. His reactions may just recapture a little bit of the magic you once felt.

As to why you should watch it? Great world-building, characters who are actual people, voice acting that doesn't grate on the nerves, actual drama (the first season will not even be half-over before the audience has to see most of the main characters deal with loss, grief and pain) and girls kicking ass with kung-fu-inspired magic powers.

A word of warning: if you're going to comment on Mark's posts, DO NOT SPOIL ANYTHING FOR HIM. This includes stuff like "yeah, I liked this character too at first, but after he did the thing in that later episode I hate him", or "yeah, this episode was kinda weak, but wait 'till you see the next one". Much like the sacrificial virgin, his purity is essential to the endeavour.

4. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Currently sweeping the Internet like the worst meme plague since The Game, leaving the most cynical and jaded basement-dwellers confused and frightened at the feeling of joy it instils in their hearts. Great animation, great writing, impeccable comedic timing, and all complete with the power of friendship. The only thing it lacks is- You know, I think I've discovered something the things I like have in common.
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Brain closed off for reasons of Minecraft

Minecraft! Who hasn't heard of Minecraft? The game where you dig deep into the bowels of a simulated world and create fabulous constructions from the stone you haul up! A LEGO block playground that's eight times the surface size of Earth itself! And it has lava!

I've been spending my time both in a single-player version of the latest Beta client and on the DFB's own server, both on Peaceful difficulty (no monsters). Helping friends out with their construction project over the next hill is a lot more fun, but I can't quite bring myself to abandon the Really Deep Cave and Scenic Overtheinstan, the two main features I've explored in my single player game so far.

I think I really do love exploring. When I look over the miles and miles of woody islands stretching out into the distance, and I know there is more there to be found if I just walk over there, and that's it's all new and nobody has mapped it out and charted the most optimal routes to all resources, I just get this feeling of joy and excitement that I haven't felt over a game in a long time.

But mostly I seem to be concerned with building the perfect little house.

My house in the single player game is basically a built-up hovel with dirt walls and a mine in the back, but even there I prettied it up with some windows, a fence and a line of dandelions outside. My house on the DFB server...

A little wooden cottage, raised from the ground up on a particularly nice spot, with a little garden full of roses and free cake for anyone who visits. :D

I also made a field of wheat, gathered some buckets and spent my time clicking cows with them, and followed chickens around waiting for eggs to spawn. I did all this so I could make lots of pixellated cake for all my friends to enjoy. It's like I'm playing Farmville or something.

I've also found this video, which has inspired me. Although my own first effort is nowhere near that scale, I have a passable little waterslide and I've learned enough for a second attempt.
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Sabotaging my own fun

I'm supposed to be at Uni between 9 and 5. That means I come back home around 5:30-6 PM, depending on whether I walk or take the bus. That also means I need to be in bed by 11:30 in order to get up at 8, drink coffee, make myself a sandwich and shlep back into school again.

That leaves me with about 6 hours for grocery shopping, making and eating dinner, keeping the house clean, and, oh yeah, trying to *relax* a little. Halloween season has started and all my favourite online games have some sort of spooky event (often with unique prizes that I won't be able to get all year) going on.

I have a lot of characters. In City of Heroes, I've rolled alts on several servers to keep up with the ideas forming in my head. In Guild Wars, I bought a boxed set of all four campaigns and used it to set up a second account.

There are so many things I could do that when I finally get some time to play, I find myself paralyzed by choice. Only four hours before bedtime. I have that mission to run. But what if it takes me a long time and is boring? Maybe I should go Trick-or-Treating with that one alt and get them a costume. No, ToTing is too difficult for relatively low levels. I could push my Praetorian alt! ...but she might be more fun to play next Issue, when we get free Fitness.

Time is ticking down. Now I only have three hours. I'll read the next chapter of Deathly Hallows and its review on Mark Reads Harry Potter. And then the comments. And now I have two hours. That's not enough to really get into something. Maybe I can still run that mission. No, let's see who's on in City of Heroes first. Just a few people. Hour and a half, and I was going to wash my hair today, I guess I'm not playing anything after all.

...I guess there's always tomorrow.
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Various updates

Accounts with no posts, no descriptions and no friends have been posting comments (screened now) on my last entry praising Severus Snape. The only thing that I have done that is even remotely connected to Harry Potter is commenting on Mark Reads Harry Potter using a new Buzznet account with the same name. Weirdest spam ever.

Started classes again, on a postgrad course! Wish me luck.

About a quarter of my AI in computer games lecture is in Canada. There's a camera and a screen at the back of the class, and a camera and screen at the front of theirs. Along with microphones and speakers, the illusion is mostly seamless except for the few seconds of lag inbetween question and response. The class is afternoon-ish for us but early morning for them.

Drivers around here are incredibly inconsistent about their use of turn signals, especially on roundabouts. This is going to land me in the hospital one of these days, I just know it.
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Oh, and...

Since it's traditional in the UK to send pieces of the wedding cake to friends and distant relatives, have a digital slice of cake, Internets.

Wedding Cake!